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Coexistence in the Oregon Seed Industry

Greg Loberg participated in the 27th Annual Conference of the North American Agricultural Biotechnology Council (NABC) on June 2, 2015. He was invited to speak on “Coexistence in the Oregon Seed Industry.” In addition to the presentation, he wrote a paper and was part of a three-person panel taking questions from the audience. Most participants came from leading U.S. and Canadian universities, with a few others from the federal government. A final report is issued by NABC and circulated among policy makers in Washington D.C.

Engaging in this conference furthers the strategic plan of OSA, particularly related to Domestic Policy goals. This was an opportunity to “Be a respected, leading voice on domestic policy issues impacting the seed industry.” In particular, OSA enhanced its partnership with a key technology organization, increased its visibility with government officials and regulators, and advanced stewardship policy concepts.

Some of Greg’s comments can be found in the magazine “International Innovation,” a selection of which is included here.