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Oregon Ag Ranks Near The Top Nationally

070814 Wheat HarvestSALEM, OR — The diversity of Oregon agriculture is on display, as several counties rank at or near the top nationally in the production of various crops and livestock.  While there are more than 3,000 counties nationally, the latest Census of Agriculture numbers show Oregon’s 36 counties stack up quite well in specific production.

“There are numbers here that show top 50 production for Willamette Valley counties, for Eastern Oregon counties, for Central Oregon counties, for coastal counties. Oregon has something to be proud of in terms of national rankings throughout the state.”

Land-use specialist Jim Johnson said some of the state’s counties actually lead the entire nation.

“Clackamas County is the number one Christmas tree county in the country. Hood River County, number one pear producer in the United States. Linn County, the grass seed capital of the world. Everybody has seen the billboard going down Interstate 5. The numbers reflect it, Linn County is the number one grass seed county in the country.”

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