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OSU Seed Lab Update, End of September, 2013

Read below for the September update from the Oregon State University Seed Lab — 

As the full swing of the summer season slows down, I’d like to report on the lab performance through the summer and look ahead to fall and next year.

Looking back at July, August and September:

  • We were able to provide timely services to all customers.
  • Purity turn around has been around 3-4 days (excluding weekends).
  • The new no-factoring rule streamlined the orchardgrass purity testing.
  • All tests were reported on the same day of completing the test.
  • Seeds were planted for germination tests the same day or next morning.
  • Early ending of germinations on ryegrasses streamlined the whole germination process.
  • Around 50% of perennial ryegrasses ended on first count in July, which progressed to over 70% by the end of September.
  • TZs were reported within 24-48 hours and ploidy within 7-9 days.

Looking ahead to the fall

  • Our goal is to maintain the turn-around time we achieved this summer.
  • We will continue pre-chilling all 2013 harvested grasses through December .
  • New data shows it is feasible to use the ISTA approach on multiple florets of tall fescue.  We will start showing data to industry groups and start a national referee.
  • Some species (i.e. Kentucky bluegrass, bermudagrass, and paspalum) show very slow and incomplete germination with current AOSA methods. We plan to start researching for more effective options.

Looking ahead to winter and spring

  • We will be organizing workshops to reach seed growers, cleaners, and dealers. Workshops will be held in February, March, and April. Please let us know if you have suggestions or specific needs.
  • We will be organizing seed schools on purity, germination, and TZ testing.
  • Breaking multiple florets in perennial ryegrass causes problems. We will start researching for alternatives. Options that can be explored are blowing procedure or ISTA approach. Please let us know of any suggestions.
  • As we enter spring of 2014, our focus will shift to preparations for the summer harvest of 2014.

We are here to help you succeed. Thank you for using the OSU Seed Lab. If there is any other way we can help you, please contact us immediately at: or 541-737-4464.

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