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Weaver Seed Receives 2019 Leadership Award

Weaver Seed of Oregon was chosen to receive the 2019 Leadership Award at the Celebrate Trade event in Portland. The Celebrate Trade event is the “Oregon International Business Awards and Consular Corps Scholarship Gala” held during Oregon’s World Trade Week to help build the next generation of leaders.

See this video clip on the work done by Gary and Andy Weaver with the Albany Boys and Girls Club.

For a decade Oregon Consular Corps, Governor’s Office, City of Portland, Port of Portland, Nike, Hoffman and our distinguished partners (US Commerce, Oregon Business, Oregon Dept. of Agriculture, et. al.) have presented business awards.  A representative jury of 10 considered and chose WSO as the 2019 Leadership awardee.

The criteria for the Leadership Award is as follows:

Open to any Oregon company or individual who has impacted Oregon’s International trade. This award celebrates Oregon’s highest performing companies and recognizes those that have exceeded initial targets for growth and financial performance; best demonstrated an understanding of their competitors, customers, and the new markets into which they have expanded; and have foundations in place for continued commercial success, and/or an individual who has supported  local companies in achieving those goals.